Overlord Volume 15 Fanfiction and More

Thank you for checking out this post. There are three things I wish to talk about today:

Overlord Fanfiction and Volume 15: The Myriad Betrayals

But first, I must apologize for what happened during the previous Overlord Volume. I know from personal experience that nothing kills one’s interest in a web serial faster than not delivering updates when promised. And during the previous volume, my updates started coming out later and later and were several days late on a few occasions. Worse yet, because of the time crunch, the updates had to be published before my beta readers could go over them. Which resulted in many typos as well as some story inconsistency (some more glaring than others.) Sure, I went back and edited the parts afterward, but that doesn’t matter if most people already read the error-ridden version. So, sorry about that.

Now, for Volume 15, I am off to a great start. As you might’ve been able to tell by the update times, I am back to the old schedule with the updates being uploaded around 11 pm est on the previous day. I should be able to build up a buffer of completed parts during this week, which will ensure that the updates will be coming out on schedule and that my beta readers have enough time to go over the parts, and I can implement their suggestions.

Speaking of Volume 15, I wrote an outline for it, and it looks like it’s going to be a long one! Although I still need to write an outline for Volume 16, to make sure I have enough content for it. That aside, Volume 15 contains some slice of life parts as well as the remainder of the set up by the Slane Theocracy’s forces, the fight against Nazarick and the immediate consequences of that fight (ie. what happens to whom) as well as the end of Philip’s saga. As such, I will be breaking away from the usual 19 parts to a volume structure. Initially, I adopted this format because that’s how the fan translations were done. However, I’ve found this format somewhat restrictive, as some parts tend to be longer than others, not to mention having a set number of parts to work with can be restrictive too.

In this case, though, a 19-parts format is simply unworkable. Not unless I go to like 5k words per part (the usual length of my parts is 2.5-3k words.) So, this volume will contain an extra 5-10 parts. But hey, that’s a good news for all of you Overlord addicts 🙂

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Original Work – my first book

Yep, you read that right. While writing Overlord fanfiction is fun and has helped me improve my writing quite a bit, I am very curious to see how well my own story would be received. Can my ideas stand up to readers’ expectations? Only one way to find out. And so, my current plan is to quickly write Volume 15, ideally finishing it by early December, and then focus on writing my first book, while I release Volume 15 updates.

I’ll talk more about it in the future. For the time being, all I can tell you is that it’s going to be a litRPG. I plan to release a 10-20k word prequel, to introduce some of the characters and the theme of the book. This prequel will be available for free, so hopefully, you’ll all check it out. Although my book will lack the large member cast or the twisted characters that Overlord possesses, it should be a fun and entertaining read, and being fun and entertaining is all one can ask for from a book in this genre 🙂

Fate’s Backstory

The previous post contained the original Chapter 4, Part 1 and a bit of part 2. Which had an OC named Fate be the one behind the beastmen invasion. But, what is his backstory and how did he know Momonga? Not to mention, what did I have in store for his character? Well, not to worry, all shall be revealed 🙂

Here’s the cliff notes of the plot, as well as his backstory (which is terribly cliche, according to one of my beta readers)

Fate was transported to the new world around the same time as Ainz. However, he was transported alone, so world domination is both difficult and is not of much interest to him (the player was a loner in the game.) He searched through the beastmen and related nations, but only found the minotaur God-kin. Since a wolf-man can’t openly go into human nations. Fate figured it would be easier to launch an invasion from the shadows and then sit back and wait for a powerful being to show up. Compared to having to sneak into all of the human nations and threaten their rulers to give him info, while also hoping word of his existence doesn’t get out and alert other players.

In Yggdrasil Fate was roleplaying an assassin for higher. He had extreme specialization in stealth, stealth detection, escape and assassination attacks, to the point where he was one of the top and most well-known assassins while having basically no ability to fight in a straight-up battle. Although he was careful in selecting his targets, he had never failed, killing all of his targets for the jobs which he accepted. Because of his specialization, most players he killed didn’t even see what he looked like, only hearing his catchphrase before they died — “No one can escape Fate.”

After the invasion of Nazarick failed, and the shitty devs didn’t do anything about the 8th floor, the players involved vented their anger by hiring Fate to kill Momonga (as the leader of AoG.) Fate attempted to kill him, but Momonga was saved by Peroronchino and others, causing Fate to lose face. Fate had returned his payment for Momonga’s assassination to the players who hired him and went on a rampage to obtain a world item which would guarantee he would never miss another target (unless they had world items equipped or world class.) To this date, Momonga is the only target who had survived Fate’s assassination attempt. Which is why Fate is able to recognize Momonga when he tells him he’s Ainz Ooal Gown.

That’s the back story, but where is the story going?

Fate is a loner, he doesn’t care about world conquest and his main interest in finding other players is to figure out how he got to this world, and also for safety reasons (he doesn’t have Nazarick protecting him.) Both he and Ainz are apprehensive of each other, though they aren’t hostile. Fate will go on with his life, and Ainz will go on with his world conquest (though with some slight changes.) Fate is too cautious (and a loner) to get too comfortable with Ainz and Nazarick. While Ainz doesn’t want to antagonize Fate since Nazarick doesn’t have anyone able to detect such highly specialized stealther. So, Ainz can’t really kill Fate, while Fate stands no chance of defeating Nazarick but could cause them quite a bit of trouble via guerilla tactics (more so to their world conquest plan, Nazarick itself is safe.) So, you get a bit of a balance between the two.

When Ainz explains this situation, the guardians are somewhat unwilling to accept it. And the revelation that Fate had dared to attempt to kill Ainz causes them to be distraught, especially Albedo. The volume ends with Ainz remembering how Fate attacked him and how he was saved.

Volume 14 is mostly seen through the eyes of the Theocracy, who are busy trying to gather their coalition against the Sorcerer Kingdom. Towards the end of the volume the pov switches to Albedo. Who, despite Ainz’s warning not to do so, decides that Fate must be killed for trying to kill her beloved master. She assembles her Death Squad, including Rubedo, makes contact with Fate, disguised as regular communication from Nazarick, and then tries to kill him. Fate manages to escape and in the process Albedo loses control of Rubedo, who goes haywire and attacks Nazarick. Culminating the foreshadowing form the LNs that Rubedo will bring calamity to Nazarick.

How did Momonga survive Fate’s assassination?

Because the players who had failed to conquer Nazarick gloated about them hiring Fate and how Momonga was as good as dead, Momonga was prepared for the attack. He would only leave Nazarick with other guild members, and he would have a bunch of Death Knights with him. However, after several weeks had passed, he got tired of such caution and decided to play normally, though still only in a group, not solo.

A group of AoG players, namely Momonga, Peroronchino, TouchMe, Ulbert, Bukubukuchagama, and Yamaiko, decided to tackle an outside boss type monster. While they were fighting the boss, Fate waited until the boss was down to 15% and then attacked Momonga. Quickly following his opening attack with a silence, which not only stopped Momonga from casting spells but also muted him, Fate was well on his way to another successful assassination.

Unable to cast spells or scream for help, all Momonga could do was use the six Death Kings he had summoned. Death Knight have [Taunt] which forces a target to attack them, they also have the ability to survive a fatal attack with 1 hp. The closest one was 10 feet away, and quickly moved to [Taunt] Fate, who had to waste two attacks to kill it, before getting back to Momonga. The next Death Knight was 20 feet away, by the time the first DK had been killed, the second one was pretty close. Fate only landed a few hits on Momonga before the second DK had used [Taunt] forcing him to kill it before he could continue to strike Momonga.

The DKs stood at 10 feet intervals and were positioned in such a way that it was impossible to hit two of them with either an area of effect attack or a line of effect attack. Meaning Fate had to waste 2 attacks to dispose of each one. With his attacks being constantly interrupted, Fate was unable to kill Momonga before others had noticed the sudden drop in Momonga’s HP. Peroronchino was the first to react, sending a firebal- like attack from his bow at Fate. Followed by Ulbert who used a negative energy spell to heal Momonga. Bukubkuchagama continued to tank the Boss, while TouchMe went to help Momonga.

With his initial attack thwarted, Fate chose to escape. The group continued to battle Boss, with Momonga standing a bit in front of Ulbert and Perroronchino, and close to TouchMe. Since they were on guard and adjusted their position, it was impossible for Fate to do anything. Afterward, AoG members spread the word that Fate had failed to assassinate Momonga. Since he had already lost face, Fate chose to return the payment for Momonga’s assassination, and instead focused on acquiring a World Item.

What World Item did Fate acquire and how did he get it?

Fate set his sights on a World Item weapon — a dagger which was also called Fate. The dagger had an ability [Cut the Strings of Fate] which allowed the user to instantly kill anyone who had been struck by the dagger. This ability had a one-week cooldown and also the list of targets hit would reset upon use. It was known that this WI was in a possession of a certain medium sized guild, who mostly used it to get powerful items from strong players (ie. hit them once, activate the ability, the player dies and drops the best item they have equipped, repeat a week later.)

His target in sight, Fate began to target this guild, systematically killing their members over and over. The guild tried to fight back, but since Fate didn’t have a base, there was no way for them to attack him, while he continued to hunt them down. After the players went from annoyed, to angry to accepting of their fate, they chose to give Fate the WI, just so he would leave them alone and they could actually play Yggdrasil.

With the dagger in hand, Fate’s catchphrase: “No one can escape Fate” took on a double meaning. Since it could be interpreted as “no one can escape Fate” the player or the dagger.

So, what do you think?

Obviously, OCs get a lot of hate (and are usually poorly written self-inserts.) Although I am sad I couldn’t write Fate’s story, I am happy with the way the volume went after the changes.

What do you think? Do you like Fate’s backstory? Do you think introducing such a character would’ve made for an interesting interaction between him and Ainz, not to mention him and Nazarick’s NPCs? Share your thoughts 🙂

Original Chapter 4

As I mentioned in the comments and on my Facebook page, the original Volume 13: No One Can Escape Fate was supposed to have a different storyline. Specifically, I was going to introduce a new Original Character, a player from Yggdrasil, who was behind the beastmen invasion. However, this idea was shot down by my beta readers. The hate for OCs is real. And although I thought my OC was alright, as it wasn’t a self-insert, nor was it someone from AoG. And frankly, this player would have limited influence on the story. Nonetheless, the mere fact of introducing an OC would turn people off and lead some to drop the story entirely.

After considering it, I decided to change the story. I plan to write up to volume 18 in this fanfiction series, not to mention I want to write my own webserial too, so losing readers this early on would be bad. Besides, I’ll get plenty of OCs in Volume 17, so 🙂

Anyway, let me get to the point. Since I had already written one and a half parts of the original plot, and I felt it was a pretty good storyline (the whole OC hatred aside.) I am going to post it here for your enjoyment. Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this storyline. Also, here’s the actual storyline and background I had come up with for the OC.

Without further ado, here’s the original Chapter 4, Part 1 and half of Chapter 4, Part 2:

Chapter 3, Part 4 had a slightly different ending:

Momon approached the heaving minotaur and kicked the axe away. Nabe approached as well.

“Then, I have some questions I wish to ask you,” Ainz said. “But, let’s move to a better location first,” he added.

He was elated, finally he had captured the ever-elusive minotaur. Soon he would get the answers he sought..

“Too naive” Norum grinned.

“What?” Ainz was startled, that wasn’t the expression a defeated enemy should make.

“What good are my answers to a dead man?” the minotaur broke into a mocking laughter.

Ainz didn’t have time to ponder these words. He saw the shadowy figure out of a corner of his eye. As soon as the minotaur started laughing, Ainz swung his sword.

“Nabe, duck!” Ainz bellowed as his weapon sped towards the one behind the maid.

Chapter 4, Part 1

Nabe ducked just in time and Momon’s blade flew above her head. However, it cut nothing but air.

“Hanzos, protect Nabe!” Ainz yelled, moving in front of her, a sword in each hand.

“Momon-sa-san..”Nabe began.

“Contact Shalltear, have her open [Gate] immediately,” Momon ordered, a note of anger in his voice.

If Nabe dies before messaging Shalltear, things would become really bad. Ainz’s mind raced. Nabe really is our weakness, if she dies we’ll have to use scrolls to [Message] Shalltear, but scrolls take time to activate. I can’t fight a level 100 player using [Perfect Warrior] and the Hanzos could only stall for time. Would we have enough time to use a [Message] scroll and order Shalltear to rescue us?

Momon and the Hanzos surrounded Nabe, while she frantically contacted Shalltear. However, no attack came in these crucial moments and Shalltear was successfully contacted.

A portal opened and the vampire stepped out of it, she was followed by a dozen powerful monsters. Now that the reinforcement had come, Momon was able to relax a little.

“Hanzos try to find someone using stealth, probably an assassin type,” Ainz ordered before grabbing the minotaur and dragging him towards the open portal.

“Are you alright, Momon-san?” Shalltear asked, staying in character and addressing him as Momon rather than Ainz.

“Yes, I am fine. Stay alert, if the Hanzos find anyone, we’ll capture them,” he replied. “Nabe, take this one with you,” he added.

“Yes, Momon-san,” Nabe replied before she grabbed the minotaur and stepped into the portal.

“How many enemies are we dealing with?” Shalltear asked as they observed their surroundings.

“At least one, but could be more,” Ainz replied.

They continued to stay alert, ready to engage at any moment. However, there was no enemy to fight. The Hanzos returned one after another, all reported the same thing: “They were unable to find anyone.”

“Then, we are going back,” Ainz ordered the retreat.

He stepped into the portal, followed by everyone else. After they left the portal closed, leaving behind the devastated camp where Momon and Norum had fought.

Inside the Nazarick Ainz silently cursed, his emotional suppression ability went off and he calmed down. The emotions he felt earlier wasn’t fear, undead couldn’t probably even feel fear. It was the anger you would feel when you got to the final stages of a video game, but then almost died due to a careless mistake.

“Ai-Momon-san, is everything OK?” Shalltear asked.

“Have I been toyed with all along?” Ainz wondered.

He grabbed the minotaur’s shoulders lifting him up and brought Norum’s face close to his own.

“Look you stupid cow, I need some answers and you are going to give them to me. One way or another,” Ainz promised.

Norum was shocked. He expected Momon to get attacked, but no attack came. Then there was the portal through which he was transported to this strange place. He never even heard of such magic. And these beings, all of them felt stronger than him, especially the little girl with silver hair. He was trying to regain his bearings and wasn’t paying attention to Momon who was shouting something.

“Who was that? Who was supposed to attack us?” Ainz demanded.

The minotaur remained silent with a confused look on his face. Ainz felt annoyance, though not enough to cause his emotions to be suppressed. He had spent so much time chasing this minotaur, but even now – that he got him — no answers came. Ainz punched the minotaur in a shoulder, eliciting a painful scream from Norum.

“Who was supposed to attack us?” He repeated the question.

“I don’t know,” the minotaur screamed, a hand over his shoulder.

Ainz’s shook his head, am I going to have to wait for Neuronist Painkill to make him talk before I get my answers. A flash of annoyance hit him again.

“No, I really don’t know, he never gave his name!” Norum wailed.

“Now we are getting somewhere. Who is this he?” Ainz asked.

“I don’t know, it happened three years ago. Some shadowy figure came to my tent while I slept. He said my brother and I were to unite the beastmen. If we didn’t comply, he would kill us,” Norum began his story, sitting on the floor surrounded by monsters.

“I didn’t comply and upped my security instead. However, a few days later the same thing happened. My guards didn’t even see anyone come in, and the ones keeping watch in my tent were all knocked out. He told me it was my last chance. If I wasn’t smart enough to know my place, he would find someone else,” the minotaur continued.

“What could I do? I began to unite the beastmen, and a week later my brother joined my efforts. Apparently, he had the same experience as I.”

“And after you united all the tribes he told you to attack the Draconic Kingdom?” Ainz asked.

“Yes. He would contact us via [Message] and tell us what to do,” Norum confirmed.

“Then he is the one who alerted you to our moves and why you were able to escape from us?” Ainz began to understand what had happened.

“Yes, he was the one who informed me of your movements.”

“Then why didn’t he do it this time?”

“He told me I must fight you. That’s why I thought he would attack you,” Norum replied with a defeated look.

“Guess he had other plans,” Ainz taunted the minotaur but got no response. “Did he give a reason for the halt of the invasion?”

“No. He just said we were waiting for powerful opponents.”

“What about Krozno, was he the one who gave you those potions? And the one to come up with the defense strategy?”

Norum nodded.

“Did he give a reason for doing so? By giving a Rage Potion to the beastmen he sentenced them to death.”

“He didn’t. When I objected I was told to do what he ordered or face consequences,” Norum’s dissatisfaction clearly came through in his voice.

Ainz caressed his chin while thinking. After a while, he waved his hand dismissively.

“Take him to the Frozen Prison,” he ordered.

After the minotaur was removed Ainz canceled [Perfect Warrior] turning into his normal magic caster appearance.

“Shalltear, call all of the guardians currently in Nazarick, including pandora’s Actor, I will hold a meeting in half an hour in the throne room. Also, raise Nazarick’s defenses to the maximum” he gave the order before he teleported away.

Ainz walked through a corridor towards his bedroom. His thoughts were a complete mess.

The Hanzos couldn’t find him, so it’s reasonable to assume he’s a max level player, or at least level 80 with a high specialization in stealth. How much did he learn about us during this time? It was a good thing I told the NPCs to address me as Momon in the open. Ainz thought.

Then what does he want? It’s obvious he only attacked the Draconic Kingdom to force a powerful opponent to reveal themselves. Then he had us fight battles of escalating difficulty. Culminating with Krozno, where he tested my strength specifically. After that, he had the minotaur face me directly, and then even alerted me to his presence… Does he want to be found? Ainz shook his head.

Ainz entered his bedroom, a maid and the usual Eight Edge Assassins were waiting for him.

“Leave me, there is something I need to do alone,” Ainz instructed.

He needed to focus and although he had gotten better at ignoring the watchful eyes of his servants, he did not want to control his behavior this time. After his servants left Ainz fell on his enormous bed and rolled around. He couldn’t feel the softness of the bed, though he could feel it was soft, and he didn’t need to rest. But, this rolling on a bed had become a ritual for him, it would help him relax and gather his thoughts. Laying on his back Ainz thought about the unknown figure.

I will finally meet another player in this world. But will he be a friend or a foe? An image of a certain ninja flashed in Ainz’s mind, it would be great if he really was Nishikienrai-san. Ah, I shouldn’t count on such luck. Let’s assume he’s a foe and is just trying to find the strongest opponent before he strikes.

Ainz’s shook his head, doesn’t really make sense. What good is it to him if he kills someone strong? He isn’t trying to take over the world, so there is no conflict between us.

No, no. That’s wishful thinking on my part. I need to prepare for the worst possible scenario. For a moment Suzuki Satoru thought of what would be the worst case scenario. There are multiple level 100 players, all of whom are proficient enough in stealth to go undetected by the Hanzos.

Or, that there is a group of players and they are using this stealther as a trap, he thought of another possibility. The chances of a battle should be low in either scenario, since there is no conflict between us. Still since I don’t know if I can revive, I should approach this situation with caution.

Reaching this decision Ainz rolled on the bed some more. He spent the rest of the time before his meeting with the guardians coming up with various strategies for his situation. Finally, it was time. He exited his bedroom and teleported to the 10th floor and was greeted by the gathered guardians and three of the Pleiades.

He motioned to the guards to follow him and entered the throne room. He took his seat on the throne, Albedo stood beside him while Shalltear, Cocytus, Aura, Demiurge and Pandora’s actor stood in front of him.

“During my capture of the minotaur God-kin in the Draconic Kingdom, we had encountered some being, whom I believe to be a Player,” Ainz began.

He felt the nervous excitement of the guardians. Albedo stood closest to him, so he felt her excitement especially strongly. Excitement and something more.. tension? There was no time to dwell on such things.

Ainz continued to explain what had happened in the Draconic Kingdom, as well as his deductions as to the goals of this unknown entity.

“Then, what shall we do, Ainz-sama?” Shalltear asked after his explanation.

“We don’t have anyone capable of locating such a stealthy opponent. Combined with this Player not looking for a fight, I believe we should try to approach them diplomatically,” Ainz shared his thought.

“Ainz-sama, you don’t mean you’ll go yourself?” Albedo’s wings opened and close as she questioned her master.

“Of course not,’ Ainz smiled. “I plan to use Pandora’s Actor, impersonating me,” he added.

“It’s an honor to serve you, Ainz-sama,” Pandora’s Actor spoke in an overly exaggerated manner.

No time for this, Suzuki reminded himself not to get distracted by Pandora’s Actors’ behavior.

“Can I go with Pandora’s Actor?” Albedo asked nonchalantly.

“I didn’t realize you were so eager to meet another player, Albedo. Are you hoping it’s one of the Supreme Beings?” Ainz asked.

“Yes,” Albedo smiled in response.

“Still, as a Guardian Overseer, you should not engage in a battle recklessly. Also, sending a large force would spook this player. That party should be as cautious of us as we are of them, after all,” Ainz waved his hand dismissively.

“Then, Ainz-sama, what do you want us to do?” Demiurge asked.

“Pandora’s Actor and two strong servants will teleport back to where we captured the minotaur. There Pandora’s Actor will try to make contact with this player. If he succeeds, we can decide what to do after he gains some information. Meanwhile, we will move to the third floor and will observe him via scrying magic If there is a fight, Shalltear, Cocyutus, Demiurge as well as all of the other strong servants which were given to Shalltear will join the battle and capture the enemies,” Ainz explained.

All of the guardians bowed in acknowledgment.

“Also, Aura, give Pandora’s Actor the Depiction of Nature and Society,” Ainz instructed.

“What? Why me?” Aura complained.

“Cocytus and Shalltear are needed for firepower, while Demiurge’s [Dimensional Lock] is also necessary. Given the situation, anyone who goes out there must have a World Item,” Ainz told her.

After Aura reluctantly gave her World Item to the Greater Doppelganger, Ainz spoke again.

“I would also like to speak with Pandora’s Actor alone.”

All of the guardians left the throne room, leaving Ainz alone with his creation.

“This is a tricky situation. Normally I would want to be the one to speak to a Player. However, the situation is too dangerous,” Ainz began.

“I understand, father,” Pandora’s Actor replied.

“Therefore your main goal is to not antagonize this Player. I would like to avoid a fight if possible. Be diplomatic and try to gain some information. [Message] me with any details you learn. If I can determine that a fight is unlikely, I’ll teleport to you and speak with this Player myself,” Ainz continued.

“I understand. I will carry out your orders to the utmost of my abilities,” Pandora’s Actor saluted.

Ainz shook his head, even though I told him to stop with the saluting, he still does it from time to time. Overcoming their programmed behavior is really difficult for the NPCs. I wonder how Mare is doing in this regard.

Ainz and his creation left the throne room and teleported to the third floor, joining the other guardians and powerful servants from Albedo’s Player Search Squad.

“Then, we shall depart,” Pandora’s Actor announced after transforming into Ainz.

This really is a strange experience, Ainz thought while staring at the undead mage. It’s like staring into a mirror.

“Stay safe. If a fight breaks out, just stall for time until reinforcements arrive,” Ainz gave this last tip.

Pandora’s Actor activated a teleport and stepped through it. Two undead level 80 monsters followed him, disappearing into the swirling black abyss.

Ainz cast a scrying spell and a magical screen appeared, hanging in the air. The guardians gathered in front of it, watching Pandora’s Actor’s actions.

After he stepped through the portal Pandora’s Actor looked around. There were no signs of any enemies.

“Stay here,” he ordered the two undead who came out of the portal. After giving this order, he walked forward some fifty meters. He judged this distances to be adequate and stopped. Glancing around he could still see no signs of anyone else.

“Do you want to speak? Then come out!” He called out.

Nothing happened. Pandora’s Actor felt disappointed, he knew how much his master wanted to speak with this Player. He continued to look around for any signs. Finally, nearly half a minute later a lone figure showed up from the thin air.

Standing some ten meters away, he was about 1.9 meters tall, wearing what looked like a leather armor, over which he wore an undone robe. The robe seemed to be shifting in and out of existence, giving the figure an otherworldly feel. The face of this person was covered by a hood.

“Who are you?” Pandora’s Actor asked after they stared at each other silently for a few seconds.

“You first,” the figure replied in a deep, and somehow barking voice.

“I am Ainz Ooal Gown,” Pandora announced. Ainz had told him to skip the Sorcerer King, and directly use the name.

“Ainz Ooal Gown, eh?” The figure questioned. “Ainz Ooal Gown, a skeletal mage… Momonga-san, is that you?”

“What? How do you know that name? Who are you?” Pandora’s Actor asked hastily.

Could it be? Had another Supreme Being come to this world? He wondered. As his master’s creation, he could feel Ainz’s loneliness.

“Imagine that, of all the players out there to run into you,” the figure laughed while removing his hood.

With the hood off, Pandora’s Actor could finally see the figure’s face – a wolf-man with gray fur.

“I am Fate.”

Chapter 4 Part 2

When the figure asked if he was Momonga, everyone’s emotions spiked. For a moment Ainz was certain it was one of his comrades. Who else would be so familiar with Ainz Ooal Gown’s roster as to guess his name simply based on his race and class? But that only made his disappointment bigger when the wolf-man revealed himself and gave his name. He could feel the other guardians’ disappointment too. Disappointment and tension – any player who was not one of the Supreme being was a threat to Ainz and Nazarick.

“Fate-dono, huh? Imagine running into him in this world,” Ainz murmured.

“You know him, Ainz-sama?” Demiurge asked.

“We’ve met,” Ainz laughed, “Hmm, he haven’t attacked Pandora’s Actor, I’ll meet with him,” he decided.

“You can’t! It’s too dangerous!” Albedo reacted immediately.

“Umu, I am familiar with him, he has a certain… code of honor. Since he hadn’t attacked yet, I don’t think he will,” Ainz tried to reassure Albedo. “And even if he did, I wouldn’t make it so easy on him,” he continued after his reasoning failed to sway the Guardian Overseer’s mind.

Albedo tried to protest, but Ainz waves his hand. He focused on his connection to the undead summons he had created. While he could only vaguely feel a connection to the ones far away, those nearby could be ordered quite easily. Ainz commanded six closest Death Knights to come to him. After that he cast [Message] and spoke to his creation.

“Fate-san shouldn’t attack, so I am going to come and speak with him. Keep the conversation going until I arrive,” Ainz instructed Pandora’s Actor.

“Cocytus, Shalltear and Aura will come with me,” Ainz addressed the guardians who were waiting for his orders. “You will stay back while I talk to him. Should he attack, Aura will use her [Hunter’s Mark] and you will capture him,” Ainz continued.

“Will the three of us be enough?” Shalltear asked cautiously. She did not want to make another blunder after her mind control fiasco.

“Yes, Fate-dono is an assassin, he can’t fight in the open,” Ainz assured her.

Ainz waved his hands to dismiss other questions, and focused his attention on the magical screen again, listening to Pandora’s Actor’s conversation.

“Is it just you? Or are there other players?” The doppelganger asked.

“You are the first one I found. How about you? And it looks like you were transported with your guild,” Fate asked curiously.

“Just me, and yes,” Pandora replied.

“Curious, I wonder what determines who gets transported,” the wolf-man scratched his ear.

“Fate-dono, why did you use this invasion to force powerful beings to reveal themselves? Why didn’t you just gather information normally? ”

“I did gather it normally. I searched the beastmen and troll nations but didn’t find any other players. So I found the two awakened God-kin minotaurs in the beastmen nation, and had them unite the tribes while I searched the Great Minotaur Kingdom,” Fate shrugged. “Since I couldn’t show myself in the human nations, I chose to invade this human nation and just wait and see who would come,” he continued.

“Could you sneak in and gather information that way?”

“Sneak in where? Sure I could sneak up on the nation’s ruler and ask about powerful beings. But could you guarantee that word of my existence wouldn’t get out? Not to mention, what if the other players were like me, and haven’t revealed their existence? Then, I would be the one at a disadvantage.”

“You are a cautious one,” Pandora’s Actor remarked.

“Huh, that’s coming from you? I am surprised you didn’t bring your usual Death Knight spiral with you. Or could it be…” Fate didn’t have time to finish.

Several new beings stepped out of the opened [Gate]. Among them was a skeletal mage in luxurious robe. Following the mage were six Death Knights arranged in such a way that only a single one could be hit by any of the area of attack skills or abilities.

“Ah, there it is,” Fate said while looking at the Death Knight’s position. “Then, this one is an illusion? Or a doppelganger?”

After Ainz approached, Pandora’s Actor moved back to stand near portal.

“Fate-dono, what a surprise. I hope you are not mad about that incident,” Ainz greeted the player.

“That was back in the game, now we are in a New World, there is no need to mention it, Momonga-dono” Fate replied.