I enjoy writing and Jac Onue is my pen name. Back in the fall of 2016, I’ve decided to write a fanfiction for “Overlord” – a light novel that I highly enjoy. Writing that fan fiction I realized that I enjoy writing and the creativity of coming up with a plot, characters etc. Although my writing ability does not match my creativity and imagination, I hope to improve on it, as I continue to release new work.

Right now I plan to release 3-4 additional volumes of “Overlord” fan fiction. These volumes will follow the events of my volume 12: “The Two Monsters.” I plan to release new updates twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, each volume comprised of 18 parts. This will allow me to both improve my writing and develop a habit of writing consistently.

Beyond the “Overlord” fanfiction I want to release my own web serial series, probably one of these two stories:

“Playground of the Gods”

Set in a fantasy world where Gods are competing against each other in power and the number of believers. They use summoned and reincarnated people from Earth, to whom they give magical abilities, as proxies to spread their renown and power. The story follows a man and a woman summoned not by a God but by a human. Without magical abilities and with no way to go back to Earth their fate is to undergo harsh training and if successful fight and die for their summoner.

Or at least that’s how it was supposed to go. Follow Jane as she learns more about this new world and her new companion

“The Succubus and her Warrior”

This story takes place in a (wuxia inspired) world of cultivators, where everyone dreams of becoming a great warrior. It follows a 16-year-old Ken, also has this dream, and wants to impress his female friend. Alas, Ken has no talent, and such achievements are beyond his potential. Until he meets a demon from another world. She decides to help him achieve his goals, in order to achieve hers.

Follow Ken on his epic adventure, as he tries to compete against others in his generation and to become stronger.

Do you like the premise of this story? Let me know!